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6 android best apps for learning english | makkieshow

hay everyone and welcome back to my blog with Alim. so you guys might not know this but i love tech I always want the latest gadgets i always want the latest software . i am a little bit of a nerd in this blog i'm going to combine two of my passions technology and languages. to bring you an amazing compilation of all of the very best apps and technology to help you improve your language let's get you're gonna have heard me say a million times before that one of the best ways of learning English and improving your language skills is watching TV shows and movies in the language. you're learning in English for most of your cases this is obvious. it's a no brainer and it’s also a really really fun way of learning. however the biggest problem that my blogger face is they can’t actually access the resources TV shows and films and apps might not be available in your country. i know that when i promote certain things on this channel. i get loads of dis…

what is Corona virus | cause diseases | symptoms | syndrome virus

what is Corona virus cause diseases | symptomsthis is a very large outbreak this isdr. bill Schaffner . I'm an infectious disease specialist and public health person coronaviruses are a whole family of viruses for the most part. they don't cause any real clinical illness exceptthe occasional cold. but you know from time to time there's a rogue corona virus that develops we remember SARS2002 2003 and then there was another the MERS virus. the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus. this new virus like those other rogue viruses probably was first transmitted to humans from animals so the symptoms resemble influenza it's are spiratory virus initially and so you have fever not feeling. 

we're very well coughed and just feeling poorly we don't have a direct anti coronavirus treatment. we can manage the patient's through symptomatic care and supportive care of course and many patients already the Chinese have said have survived this infection the Centers for Dise…