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coronavirus European countries begin to relax from lockdowns coronavirus

Coronavirus European countries begin to relax from lockdowns coronavirus Rome this Easter it's no time for a history tool not when history is happening right now pictures from a year ago show the scale and gravity of this moment Italy’s lockdown was meant to end tomorrow but it's been extended into the beginning of May there Covid 19 death toll is nearly 20,000 yet the number of people dying every day is declining and so Easter brings some hope informalities rebirth then will prevent a lot of evils we are about to win the fight against the virus or at least the one to minimize its dangers Italy’s lockdown extension comes as other European nations begin to slowly end theirs in Spain where the military are disinfecting the streets for Barcelona some non-essential workers will return to work despite the death toll being the second highest in Europe in Denmark with under 300 covid 19 deaths recorded children under 11 will return to schools on Wednesday Germany is due to end social…

Covid 19 Could Mean Disaster for America's Farms corona virus

Covid 19 Could Mean Disaster for America's Farms corona virus
around 11% of crop workers on us farms are seasonal and come from abroad on once known as an h2 a visa the Trump administration has designated them essential and waived interviews to speed up the process but hundreds of thousands of workers around the world are still waiting to get their visas and farmers are running out of time we've got anywhere from 20 to sometimes 30K amarican employees who come here and help us during the harvest the biggest problem is that we're expecting our first h-2a worker and we don't know yet when he'll be arriving his name is albert he's been coming since I was 4years old he's sort of our right-hand man if you will might some people real real hard because a lot of guys don’t make any other plan than to go to work there it's my job for the past 25 years the only job I have it means a lot to main Vermont where Delbert works farmers expect around 500 h-2a workers in…