coronavirus European countries begin to relax from lockdowns coronavirus

Coronavirus European countries begin to relax from lockdowns coronavirus

Rome this Easter it's no time for a history tool not when history is happening right now pictures from a year ago show the scale and gravity of this moment Italy’s lockdown was meant to end tomorrow but it's been extended into the beginning of May there Covid 19 death toll is nearly 20,000 yet the number of people dying every day is declining and so Easter brings some hope informalities rebirth then will prevent a lot of evils we are about to win the fight against the virus or at least the one to minimize its dangers Italy’s lockdown extension comes as other European nations begin to slowly end theirs in Spain where the military are disinfecting the streets for Barcelona some non-essential workers will return to work despite the death toll being the second highest in Europe in Denmark with under 300 covid 19 deaths recorded children under 11 will return to schools on Wednesday Germany is due to end social distancing measures in a week’s time and they've been praised for their rigorous testing and tracing programmer they want to see greater solidarity across a continent dealing with the virus in differing ways nineties up and Amir’s know this pandemic is not a war nations do not stand against nations soldiers not against soldiers it is attest of our humanity that message was echoed across the Atlantic in the Canadian Parliament this is not a war that doesn't make this fight any less destructive any less dangerous but there is no front line marked with barbed wire instead the front line is everywhere 600people have died in Canada a huge contrast to their southerly neighbors yesterday the u.s. recorded 2,000 more deaths and now has the highest number of declared fatalities anywhere in the world over 20,000 President Trump believes the lockdown measures should keep the number of deaths below the previous estimate of a hundred thousand we’re getting rid of the plague it's plague on our country like nobody's ever seen but we're winning the battle we’re winning the war we'll be back together in churches right next to each other yetis some trees whisper about an end others are just beginning Liberia's lockdown began yesterday in chaos police beating some who had rushed out to buy food and withdraw money elsewhere India has turned train carriages into quarantine wards as cases there reach nearly nine thousand in Libya a healthcare system already stretched by years of war struggles to deal with covid 19 similar coronavirus stories are playing out everywhere and in ever more dire situations amidst the tragedy there are small signs of hope back in Italy couple tie the knot in a deserted churches the country prepares for three more weeks of lockdown remember they hit ten thousand deaths two weeks ago the number the UK passed today well earlier I spoke to dr. Barrett pang cornea who's an expert in infectious disease and public health I began by asking him why the UK Death toll was still rising

 I despair I really do because I feel for a economically mighty country like the United Kingdom is how did we get to this position because I look at for example how Germany have managed to keep their numbers low and I feel why are we not doing the same as Germany to keep our numbers equally low well let's be blunt about this was that a government failing at an early stage to fail to order the sufficient number of tests as Germany did do and has resulted in part Irides sait's more than just the tests I'm afraid it is the whole operation of let us continue to contain it so when we said we are no longer in containment but in mitigation phase myself and many of my colleagues said this is desperation because we knew that we need to continue to contain why do you think though that the government didn't lockdown earlier and didn't test in a mass sense earlier I have a feeling that we have very clever people on the top table but one thing that we have noticed is we also need perhaps coalface workers infectious disease experts outbreak control people I think we need more general coverage of people at the top table and not only relying on for example mathematical modeling so the right experts were not in the room I don’t think a full range of right experts were at the top table so what needs to be done now to minimize the scale of suffering and deaths or is it tragically too late no I'm still optimistic and I'm still feel we have the opportunity to do well and therefore for example whilst the numbers in London and the South East are very high in the southwest northeast northwest Scotland Northern Ireland the numbers are not so high and in those parts of the country we must as a matter of urgency reintroduce contact tracing isolation testing all those fundamentals of outbreak control that we've been talking about if a government continues on its current policy how long do you think it might be before Britain starts to turn the tide in this battle with coronavirus it’s a difficult one to answer because we have conflicting ideologies that play which is economics versus shut down and have a one-track mind which is shut down because I want to save lives and I think we will continue to have problems well into the summer the way this viruses very infectious more infectious than we thought more disease causing more disease causing in younger age groups these are fundamentals that we didn’t know earlier on but it's now clear 45upwardspeople are getting ill at 60 plus more ill 70 plus much more ill so we need to implement stronger tighter harder control measures so how long do you think before the government can consider starting to lift or ease lockdown as is happening in other European countries I would say caution please hold your nerve and do not lift shutdown any sooner than you need to please the shutdown is one measure that we know works so we should be very very cautious about lifting the lid on that because it’s very difficult to go back to again another shutdown dr. Peril Franconia thank you very much thank you the Pope has called for international solidarity to fight coronavirus in an Easter Mass streamed live from the Vatican Pope Francis warned that this was not a time for division or indifference while the whole world is suffering here the Archbishop of Canterbury praised the heroism of Britain's key workers in sermon recorded in his flat at LambethPalace it was a very different Easter for worshipers around the world as Is hat old reports just because church is on open doesn't mean Easter Sunday services are canceled Alleluia Christ is risen well come on everybody welcome to Sunday service this very special day Easter Sunday let’s pray kitchens living room and dining rooms transformed they said on totem it's not but is risen with the Unkinder lockdown worship now looks slightly different the bells aren’t ringing the pews are empty it's an Easter like no other but as churches across the UK like this one full silent there's still celebration going on somewhere it’s mainly happening online and at this church in Hackney the pastor took to zoom I feel a little bit like a DJ have to say it's not as much like a priest but getting getting the camera at the right angle and bringing in the music at the right moment but it seems to be going well and everyone appreciates it people like to see each other's faces and and they like see each other together because you know being being in church as being part of a body being part of the community normally the Queen would be at church with all her family but for the first time she's recorded an Easter message from Windsor Castle we know that coronavirus will not overcome us as dark as deathMIDI particularly for those suffering with grief light and life are greater may the living flame of the Easter hope be a steady guide as we face the future fill your church with faith and hope and the Archbishop of Canterbury welcome worshippers to his kitchen stands opening our Savior Jesus Christ many Christians around the world celebrated Easter at a distance Pope Francis called for global solidarity to fight the coronavirus crisis in previous years Seen Peter's Square looked like this today it's eerily quiet in the Philippines.
 homemade altars also had live online services and in Kenya Silence South Korea Christians had socially distant Easter even when church doors opened people worship from afar but for many celebrating Easter today online is the best way for them to come together not in person but United invoice[Music][Music]well earlier I spoke to the Bishop of over Rose Hudson Wilkin who's the Church of England's first black female Bishop and I began by asking her if it was the right decision to keep churches closed as long as the lock down is on we must play our part as the church and we must not think that we have some spiritual special thing about us why we should be there do you know one of the most amazing things about this lockdowns that our church for the first time is beginning to understand that we can serve and worship God in our homes prior to that what we did we went to a building and we'd our religious bit there and then we went home and thought we leave the God bit over there now we recognize and we are acknowledging that God is here in our homes and there's time like this it's Easter let's say Alleluia Christ is risen He is risen indeed Alleluia let's say that and stop cleaning after a building we rose you’re your excitement is infectious but for many people now when they're looking at you know the terrible numbers of deaths you know nearly a thousand announced every 24 hours for many people it's very hard to locate that hope let alone faith for those who are experiencing the pain of loss for those who are experiencing the pain of not being at the the bedside of a loved one for those who are notable to attend the funerals for that final ritual where we say goodbye of course it is hard of course it is painful but I want to say to them that there is light and and that is what Easter brings did you dare to hope that the UK might fare better during this crisis than other European countries and actually now we're warned that perhaps we might have the worst death rate in Europe why do you think that is well that I am hugely saddened that the soldier that not only us but that you know all the places in European and and God forbid when something like this hits in some of our coordination when it hits refugee camps where people are living cheek by jowl and they have nowhere to go to isolate or to to social have social distance it is going to be a huge tragedy so I wouldn't even begin to compare to say this you know I want this to be better than that nation think what we're doing is recognizing that we're all in this together do you think the Prime Minister having emerged from hospital today will have been changed by what he's seen what he’s experienced in the hospital I don’t think you can come out of that and not be changed so I believe I believe that it will make a difference many of those staff tending to the prime minister tending to everyone sick in this country have come from overseas to work in the British Health Service do you hope that in the future we've spoken a lot about hope do you hope that the public attitude to them the political attitude to immigrants will have been changed by this given that so many have made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives boy do I hope so more than anything else in the world hope that the countries in the West who have seen the care workers the cleaners the bus drivers the nurses the doctors who have come here and given of themselves and ultimately paid the price with their own lives hope sincerely that they will recognize us as equal brothers and sisters


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