Sputnik V Russia made coronavirus vaccine big annoucement

Sputnik V Russia made coronavirus vaccine big annoucement  

In the global race for a coronavirus vaccine russia said today it's already won even though it hasn't completed phase three trials that's not slowing russia down which today registered and approved for use its vaccine while continuing to conduct human trials russia already has a rollout plan it's ambitious and fast to start giving the vaccine to medical personnel this month mass production in september mass distribution in october before today's announcement.

i spoke with carrill dimitrijev head of the russian government fund backing the vaccine we'll have 30 million doses so we'll be working based on this number so you want to vaccinate 30 million people this year in russia

we'll produce up to 30 million doses of vaccine and then you know it will be up to people who wants to be vaccinated but in principle yes we can vaccinate tens of millions of people in russia this year scientists including from the who are urging caution saying only extensive and prolonged testing can determine if a vaccine is effective and safe us officials have accused russia of hacking vaccine research claims.

russia vigorously deny i think those accusations are by some of the people who are afraid of russian having sort of a sputnik moment with the vaccine of being the first out there when there is nobody else out there the vaccine is officially called Sputnik V.

v for vaccine and russian officials say there is already strong international interest to acquire it now russia has not published much data about the vaccines russia officials say that data will be published but scientists including dr fauci say they hope that russia and china which is also working on vaccine are carrying out all the precautions that are required to produce this medicine you.


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